Fitz in the Morning Episode #227 Tuesday 03/24/20

Shout-out to everyone out there being essential and then going home and laying low. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a truck thief says Coronavirus made him do it, a guy stole and ambulance with an EMT inside, and Englanders believed a hoax that the government was using Wembley to make a giant lasagna Claire’s neighbor is living in his kids’ playhouse because he travelled to England for business and is quarantining himself. In the Hourly Bulletin, Governor issues Stay at Home order, West Seattle Bridge closes, inmates escape Yakima Jail, Edmonds has stiff fines for stay-in-place violators and Amazon suspends 3900 selling accounts for pricing violations. Drew is worried people still aren’t going to change their habits simply because the Governor said so. In the Fitz Files, Trisha names some big hits Garth “stole” from her, Maren has a baby boy, people jumped on Lizzo for wearing a precious mask not knowing she had Strep, and Oprah makes Steadman stay in the guesthouse after being a COVID-denier. In the Good Stuff, Everett restauranteur Shawn O’Donnell delivered 125 meals to medical workers before he shut down his restaurants and a Texas teacher drives around to student’s homes with a sign saying “Hi” because she might not see them again this school year. On Make Up or Break Up, Tara from Lynwood is upset boyfriend Evan is spending a bunch of money on streaming services and a new TV when they aren’t working. Three million people watched Garth and Trisha’s free online concert last night; Fitz plays their version of “Shallow”. Playlist Profiling is Zen from Kirkland. The Surgeon General was on the “Today Show” and Drew and Claire go on about how hot he is. Fitz plays us a Coronavirus version of “Don’t Stand So Closed to Me”.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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