Fitz in the Morning Episode #228 Wednesday 03/25/20

Could Fitz be the next “Tiger King”? Drew says it’s every “What the Florida” story all rolled into one wacked out show. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, it’s International Waffle Day and Fitz has an adorable Waffle House song, another idiot is arrested for coughing on people and telling them he has coronavirus, the Spring Break kid who said Coronavirus wasn’t going his partying is apologizing and a woman is showing people how to repurpose old bras into facemasks. Fitz’ kids are still not allowed back in the house due to their iffy COVID behavior around his pregnant wife so he’s considering a listeners’ offer of an RV in his driveway. In the Hourly Bulletin, a WSP Trooper has been is killed and Congress approves a Coronavirus relief package. It’s “Taco Time” and P1 Katrina wins a $25 Taco Time Gift Card. Fitz and Claire update us on their search for Toilet Paper. In the Fitz Files, Prince Charles has Coronavirus, we hear why Steve Carrell left “the Office” and how Tony Soprano almost took over and Matthew McConaughey has more advice for us all. In the Good Stuff, a talented high school student makes a virus-themed musical medley that’s gone, well, viral and an elementary principal arranged a drive-by parade for a 5-year-old student whose birthday was cancelled. All Jacked Up covers dog-blaming, “laundry” with strangers, and wrangling employee discounts. Because of You Coronavirus; tell us how your life has changed. Today’s Troop Salute is Austin Thompson of the US Army. We honor fallen Washington State Patrol Trooper Justin Schaffer. Ryder thinks police should use paintball guns to identify people breaking quarantine rules. We take your Coronavirus questions from Social Media – the most popular after toilet paper is how are we gonna get our hair cut!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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