Fitz in the Morning Episode #245 Friday 04/17/20

It’s Friday and the weather is gorgeous so DJ Tony Schwartz serves up a Sunny Bull-Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, the latest trend is getting dressed up to take out the trash and Ryder vows to dress up as Batman, and a man was mad that his wife sheltered with her parents instead of him, so he married his ex-girlfriend, and her family tried to kill him. In the Hourly Bulletin, President Trump rolls out a phased restart plan but leaves it to Governors for specifics, no extra relief for vehicle tabs for now, Boeing will get rolling again next week, and Seattle Parks will re-open with precautions in place. In the Fitz Files, the “Saved By the Bell” reboot trailer has dropped, the Disney Family Singalong was fun, and Willie Nelson is doing an online variety show for 4/20. In the Good Stuff, Sam’s and Costco making it easier for frontline workers with special hours and line exceptions, and a 100-year-old Veteran raised $20 million by walking 100 laps around his yard. Insta-Therapy finds Adam from Shoreline needing your advice stopping his daughter from sneaking out at night during the Stay At Home Order. We meet Fitz’s new personal assistant Alexi May and she introduces us to the Emoji Movie Game. In Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “Choose Your Simpsons” and “Toy Story 4” on Disney+, “Parasite” on Hulu, and a free trial of the Quibi streaming service for 90 days. Fitz has suggestions for smart things to do with your stimulus check like pay down debt and invest in your kids’ future, not waste in on a Nintendo like Ryder. The Weekend Party Preview features tonight’s “National Backyard Campout”, Virtual roller-coaster rides online, and Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and UW Arboretum online.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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