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Fitz in the Morning Episode #250 Friday 04/24/20

Ain’t No Party Like a Bull-Yah Party! Drew is nervous about whether his Monroe home purchase will go through today. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, an anti-vax mom was arrested for leading a play-date protest, a guy arrested for leading cops on a car chase claims he thought they wanted to race, a family replaces their fence with clear plastic to hang out with their neighbors, and a guy impersonating a cop gets arrested after pulling over a real cop. On Stream It or Skip It, Drew suggests “After Life”, “Extraction”, “Lego Movie 2” “Abominable” and “The Disney Family Sing-Along”. In the Hourly Bulletin, the state Supreme Court shoots down a massive prisoner release, mail thieves are targeting stimulus checks, a car crashes into the Duwamish and Pierce County is using buses as WiFi hots-pots for kids with no internet access. The NFL Draft had LSU QB Joe Burrow going #1 to the Bengals and the Seahawks taking Texas Tech’s Jordyn Brooks. In the Fitz Files, celebrities are crashing people “homes” playing “Animal Crossing”, “Parks and Rec” is having a reunion show, Marshawn Lynch spent his birthday giving out masks and Ariana Grande is butt hurt people are mocking her on TikTok. In the $1000 Minute – Debbie from Kent WINS!! In The Good Stuff, the NYPD lined up to applaud doctors, nurses, and medical workers who came to NY from around the country to help out. P1 Nicole needs your Insta-Therapy because an online psychic says her boyfriend is cheating. Believe It or Not includes serving Arnold Schwarzenegger coffee, tearing a phone book in half and listening to Fitz could get you out of a ticket. First the first time in history, County Wars 8:40 has NO WINNER!! Weekend Party Preview has some cool local activities online. Fitz does a “Corona Call Intervention” to Ryder’s friend Travis who is having a party this weekend.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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