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Fitz in the Morning Episode #262 Tuesday 05/12/20

The pollen coughs are getting us all in trouble. Claire dyed her roots herself and they came out, well, good enough. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, YouTube sensation “Double Rainbow” guy has died, the main street of a town on the border between two states has different COVID restaurant rules per side, and a criminal was captured because he farted. Thomas Rhett calls to talk about life, family, and music; Fitz put his foot in his mouth with Thomas’ dad Rhett Akins getting a song title really wrong! In the Hourly Bulletin, educators examine alternative Fall school schedules, King County may mandate masks, Bellevue and Tacoma cancel July 4th, a stolen-car driver leads police on triple-digit-speed chase, Inslee releases guidelines for restaurants reopening when Phase 2 happens, farmers giving away potatoes at Tacoma Dome Thursday, Baseball may return in July. In the Fitz Files, Garth spontaneously releases half his new album, the “Voice” has an amazing group singalong and fun home videos of the judges, including Blake playing with duckies, Bill Murray and Guy Fieri are hosting a Nachos Showdown for charity, and “Hamilton” is coming to Disney+. In The Good Stuff, a family got around social distancing rules Mother’s Day by inventing a “Hug Glove” which is a plastic sheet with arms in it. On Make Up or Break Up, Anna from Snoqualmie says her boyfriend Mike is obsessed with home security with cameras all over the inside of their home and is using them to watch her while he’s at work. Mama Fitz has a jazzy, sultry new “Quarantune” so good that Barry AllDayEveryDay could be Fitz’s new Daddy! Playlist Profiling is Drew’s Girlfriend Jyl and even though he had no idea it’s her, Drew Wins! Claire learned about because her brother found $800 in her dad’s name but she thinks it’s a scam.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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