Fitz in the Morning Episode #269 Thursday 05/21/20

Now that’s a proper rainy day out there. Ryder says he just showered in the rain, so we make fun of ryder for standing naked outside at his apartment. What Are You Kidding Me?! 42% of men have not even been asked if they are OK during this pandemic. A nurse in Russia has been disciplined for wearing a see-through PPE gown with nothing but underwear. The Fitz Singers Sing “I’ll Be OK” To Friends in Low Places. In The Bulletin its official! Seafair 2020 is OFF, Coronavirus reaches new record of over 5 million infections worldwide. County Wars was a slug-fest Tuesday King pulled into the lead, then Kitsap answered Yesterday morning, Then in the late game King came back for another win! Will the battle continue? Shade’s P1 Personal Traffic – Fitz didn’t feel like Shade’s traffic was thorough enough, so he asked the P1’s to text in the traffic they’re experiencing right now, and Shade read some of the highlights, like the coke can rolling down the road in Federal Way and the backups at the McDonalds drive through and the new Chick Fil A in Marysville… On County Wars – Ashley from Kitsap battles Carlton from King County, who wins?In the Fitz Files Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Plead Guilty in their College Admission Scandal. She’ll do 2 months in jail pay $150k and have 2 years supervised release, Kendal Jenner has to pay out $90K for her part in the Fyre festival scandal… But she made $250k, so not a terrible deal. In The Good Stuff Captain Thomas Moore in England, the 100 year old veteran who raised a ton of money for charity by walking his back yard, Just found out that he’s getting Knighted. On Make Up or Break Up Theresa from Port Orchard says boyfriend Marcus has gained WAY more that the Quaran-twenty. He’s getting fat, Marcus agrees that he’s gained a few, but it won’t be a problem once he’s back out in the workforce, He’ll go to the Gym and be back in shape in a week. Senator Maria Cantwell wants government rules on flights, Washington State Fair is scheduled to go on in September Bethany’s Baby Blog and More!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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