Fitz in the Morning Episode #270 Thursday 05/22/20

Loving these Holiday Weekends, Claire is ready to BBQ this weekend. Ryder is ready to stay up gaming all weekend for his Birthday. Fitz is adding the Gypsy moth to his list of Paranoia’s. What Are You Kidding Me? A Swedish Restaurant claims to be the safest in the world because they only serve one customer at a time at a single table in the middle of a field. A man in Spain gave a psychic $212,000 to put a spell on the woman he wanted to love him…. It didn’t work, so he robbed her at her home, and was arrested. In Stream It or Skip It, Drew talks about Magic for Humans on Netflix, Upload on Amazon Prime, HULU Polar Opposites and Rocket Man, Prop Culture on Disney+ and It’s a Dog’s Life on Disney+. In the Bulletin Washington State has zeroed in on Fraudulent Unemployment claims. A Man assaulted workers at Uwajimaya in Renton over mask requirement. In County Wars Rob from Snohomish is up against Michelle from Clallam, who wins? Fitz has a list of what is popular. Margaritas, Kamikazes, and Old Fashioned, State By State. In the Fitz Files Some Celebrities have handed over their social media accounts to coronavirus experts including Hugh Jackman and Julia Roberts. Authorities found the body of professional wrestler Shad Gasperd, he saved his son, but drowned in a beach rip tide incident. In The Good Stuff, Covid-19 has effected everything. This father actually built a stage in his front yard so his daughter could experience walking for her College graduation. Have a Great Weekend.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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