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Fitz in the Morning Episode #271 Tuesday 05/26/20

It’s Ryder the Young’n’s Birthday – soon we’ll be calling him Ryder the Midlin’. Fitz’s son Cash also had a Birthday and was treated to a personal tour of JBLM! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Florida guys make trouble filming a rap video throwing out cash and firing real gunshots, a wanted felon is caught while live streaming his day at the beach, an angry man who lives by a school put up a “*#!&” sign about the noise, and 140 people are exposed to COVID after two hairstylists worked while symptomatic. In the Hourly Bulletin, fatal crash closes I-5 in Mt Vernon, 40% of employees at a Vancouver fruit processing plant test positive for COVID, a Port Orchard Restaurant opened Monday in protest of the stay-at-home order, Tulalip Casino Reopens, explosions at a Gig Harbor Home, more free COVID Testing in Seattle and Tacoma, and Tiger, Phil, Peyton and Tom raised $20 million in a COVID Relief Golf Match but Tom split his pants. In the Fitz Files, Morgan Wallen arrested, Blake Shelton says “The Voice” music label doesn’t support their artists, John Krasinski sells “Some Good News” (and its YouTube list) to CBS, and Brittney had to quarantine 2 weeks to see her sons after visiting her mom. The Good Stuff is puppies as a program to train dogs for veterans with PTSD is back open. On Make Up or Break Up, Danielle from Puyallup says her boyfriend Luke claims to be a P1 but changes the station when the music he doesn’t like comes on. A Tornado hit Fitz’s hometown during the Brad Paisley Zoom Party Friday and Brad himself ordered Momma Fitz to take cover; listener Connie who was also on the Zoom checks in on Momma. Playlist Profiling is Sam from Orting! Claire recounts her Lost Week with Vertigo. QVC Birthday Roulette for Ryder’s birthday gets him….a Ladies Denim Hawaiian Camp Shirt!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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