Fitz in the Morning Episode #284 Friday 06/12/20

Fitz and Ryder are rocking Athleisure Pajamas, which feels just right for a Friday Bull-Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, men going bald have a risk for more severe coronavirus symptoms linked to testosterone, the newest Tik Tok Trends include mom’s spilling water on babies to film their reaction and women pranking men by making them order fake Starbucks’ drinks called “pinkedy drinkedy”, and Hot Pants are back in fashion. On Stream It or Skip It, Drew recommends “Curon”, “F is for Family Season 4”, “Wind Talkers”, and “School House Rock” on Disney+. In the Hourly Bulletin, a Tacoma woman is arrested on federal arson charges from demonstrations, Washington ESD has new timeline for getting unemployment claims on track, and Washington Schools release plan for fall including masks and distancing. In the Fitz Files, Kelly Clarkson says quarantine killed her marriage, the next Bachelor is Matt James and Creed from the Office is releasing new music; he was in the 60’s rock band The Grass Roots. In the Good Stuff some college students start a charity to help farmers get unused food out to food banks and pay their workers. Lady Antebellum is Now Lady A; Fitz reads us their statement about why. Insta-Therapy has Freddy from Mill Creek needing advice because his best friend is marrying Freddy’s ex and wants Freddy to be the Best Man. Believe It or Not includes Sarah from Edmonds whose sister was a ring girl for Conor/Khabib and Colton from Redmond whose dad keeps his amputated toe in a jar. Can you can tell the difference between a COVID cough and a healthy cough; Fitz plays us sounds from the Mayo Clinic. The Weekend Party Preview includes Go Karts and Movies at the Blue Fox Drive-In, Camping in State Parks in Phase 2 Counties, and Point Defiance Zoo and Northwest Trek open next week with tickets on sale now.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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