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Fitz in the Morning Episode #285 Monday 06/15/20

Are Fitz and Claire really running away together to Hawaii, Hallmark Movie Style? Fitz’s daughter overcharged him for his son’s birthday cake. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a nude jogger is spotted on trails in North Carolina, a group recalculating the Mayan Calendar has the new End of the World on June 21, a Minnesota woman is arrested for stealing frozen gopher feet, and a New York woman intentionally coughs on someone’s food when called out for not wearing a mask. Claire went to Oregon over the weekend but screened her family for Covid-19 protocol before entering the house; still, Ryder is upset Fitz isn’t giving her crap like he does when Ryder parties.  In the Hourly Bulletin, Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP has national media attention, there’s a ground beef recall for possible e.Coli, a Kittitas County murder suspect is captured, 24-Hour Fitness is closing some Washington locations, and Chuck E Cheese may be closing for good. Watch out, here comes a Dad Joke! In The Fitz Files, Bachelorette Alabama Hannah saves a man from drowning, Hank Williams Jr.’s daughter passes away in a car wreck and the Zac Brown Band has a new song. In The Good Stuff, a couple married 67 years but separated for months because of Covid-19 had a surprise reunion. Carly Pearce calls from the jogging trail and talks about the song DNA of “I Hope You’re Happy Now”. At What Age Do You Turn Into Your Father? Fitz has a list of the signs you are now your Dad.  Today’s Troop Salute is Ronny Carroll of the US Army and US Air Force. Ryder is looking at vacation accommodations for an upcoming Beach trip but Drew is concerned his main requirement is good WiFi. Wheel of Wake Up finds us calling Ben from Sales at 4:00 am; he is not happy.  Monday Motivation has uplifting quotes to get your week started right!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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