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Fitz in the Morning Episode #291 Tuesday 06/23/20

Ryder fell asleep in his pool after a few cold beers and got sunburned; Fitz can’t believe Ryder got into that freezing cold pool. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a hungry weatherman thought he was being taped when he was caught talking live about his “Rumbly, Bumbly Tummy”, a Belgium man is caught by airport security smuggling cocaine in a fake “doo-dad”, Fitz panics at a new stat that raising a kid now costs about $250,000 (each!), a Florida man who owed $4000 in child support so he staged a robbery including stabbing himself is now in jail, the WHO announces a new record for the largest single day spike in new COVID cases, and an opera house reopens to an audience of potted plants. In the Good Stuff, a graduating opera student from Portland State was joined in the National Anthem by a professional opera singer, and Fitz’s wife had a good doctor’s appointment Monday. In the Fitz Files, Carly Pearce files for divorce from Michael Ray after only 8 months of marriage, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow talk about their favorite “Friends” episodes, and we hear the song Kane Brown wrote for his little daughter he played on Father’s Day. In Make Up or Break Up, Tom from Lynwood is upset his girlfriend Tiffany is planning a girls’ trip without him after quarantine is over. With Claire planning to move into Drew’s old house in Renton, Drew describes some of the neighbors. Playlist Profiling is Tammy from Burlington! Fitz has a list of hand sanitizers that are poorly made and could cause you some medical problems. Luke Bryan sent a message to a fan with Cerebral Palsy who missed an opportunity to meet him at an Idol taping and her reaction is beautiful!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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