Credit: BigStockPhoto With so much canceling and closing around us, it felt extra important to continue with an altered version of Gigantic this year: to find a way to support the arts community and our local businesses, and to provide some connected-ness and positive energy for the Gigantic community. We are unable to have our usual festival weekend with camping, bands, and bike rides at Centennial Fields Park. What we're producing instead will span the entire month of August. Ticket holders will have access to live broadcasts from bands, weekly bike ride challenges with prizes, and will receive the 2020 bike jersey, vinyl and merch from bands, bags of coffee, and other goodies by post. A $90 Festival Ticket includes: A Festival Care-Package in the mail including: 2020 Festival Ride Jersey (sport cut, full zip, artwork by Jeff Langevin) An album (your choice of vinyl, CD, or digital download) A bag of coffee from Middlefork Roasters Nuun, patch kits, and other goodies from festival artists and bands A month of music & arts programming and bike ride challenges (with prizes): Access to live concert broadcasts, visual and performing-arts programming by featured artists during the month of August. A month of ride challenges & prizes on Ride With GPS, with routes, rider leader-boards, weekly games, mileage & elevation challenges.

Fitz in the Morning Episode #318 Thursday 07/30/20

We are all a little tired for different reason: Fitz with his newborn twins, Drew and Claire both moving, and Ryder playing games just tryna to keep his KDR up. In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, Slip ‘n’ Slides are sold out because pools are closed, a man finds a rubber glove in his restaurant fettuccini, a man flicks a lit cigarette out his car and it blows back and starts a fire, a woman is arrested for visiting “”, a man pranks his ex-girlfriend by posting her phone number and soliciting Chewbacca impressions, and a town is considering having unarmed civilians do traffic stops instead of police. In the Good Stuff, meet our Bickford Ford Community Hero Un Yong, a nurse at JBLM who was set to retire but volunteered to stay to help fight COVID-19 with her team. Fitz has a Ridicu-List of the Top Things that Annoy Dr. Fauci. In The Fitz Files, Garth Brooks removes himself from eligibility for CMA Entertainer of the Year, Malik B from the Roots has passed away, and Matthew McConaughey has a memoir coming out. On Make Up or Break Up, Hunter from Bremerton says his girlfriend Sierra won’t get married until they can do the whole princess wedding thing, but he wants to be officially married now. Fitz checks his Social Media with one P1 demanding an update on Scone Home One and another wanting to give Drew a MAGA sign for his new Monroe property. Playlist Profiling is Jodie from Puyallup. Our Salute to Stanwood continues with Ryan from the Lowdown Drifters, proud sons of Stanwood! Throwin’ Shade has our own Shade the Destroyer laying verbal waste to The Mariners.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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Fitz in the Morning Episode #321 Tuesday 08/04/20

Fitz has been awake for two days and wants to leave early today but Mean Old Mr. Drew says No, we have meetings and stuff. It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and we extol our favorites! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a man fires a warning shot at a store clerk in a mask fight and then has a shoot-out with police, the pandemic may be the end of McDonald’s ball pits, a principal raps about Covid-19 at school to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”, a Karen and a Ken fist fight with two guys eating outside maskless.

Fitz in the Morning Episode #320 Monday 08/03/20

Drew and Claire are in perpetual pain from moving all weekend but Fitz cheers us up with an unexpected Dad Joke about Christopher Columbus! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a wedding video goes viral when the Bride and the Groom’s Mom get into a shouting match, a man who lost his “unit”…