Fitz in the Morning Episode #70 Friday 07/12/19

The Northwest woke up to a whole lot of shaking today when a Magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck just outside of Everett around 3am. Fitz is clearly shaken and excited about this quake, and we take calls from P1 listeners who experienced it. Claire is on vacation in Southern California so she missed all the excitement. Drew tells you what to expect from this weekend’s new releases at the movies in “Ticket Or Skip It”, and we have 2 more rounds of “County Wars” to see if anyone can upset the dominance of Pierce County. On a brand new “City Vs. Country” Matt from Kent meets our City Girl Amanda from Greenwood, and Country Girl Christina from Mukilteo. Does he make the right choice? We know that Taylor Swift makes a fortune with her music, but what other young woman just signed her first $1 million dollar deal? Ryder is going to tell you who it is, because he is filling in for Claire with “The Fitz Files”. We get a brand new “Troop Salute”, and then Fitz sends all his horrible, mean messages to his Momma and makes her read them back in “My Poor Momma”. No week is truly complete without Fitz putting shade on the spot, so the tall one challenges Made in the Shade to create a commercial for his weekend appearance at Lakewood Summer fest… In only 3 ½ minutes… Can he do it? We’ll close this show out the “Weekend Party Preview” Where Ryder, once again filling in for Claire, will tell you where all the fun events are happening around the Sound.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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