Fitz in the Morning Episode # 71 Monday 07/29/2019

Is it bad luck when a black rabbit crosses your path? Drew ponders that question as Claire and Fitz enumerate their collection of Golden Girls toys, thanks to Ryder the Youngin’. First Call of the Day: Truck Driver Rick from Tukwila who had a picnic with home-grilled brisket, but does not plan to share it with Fitz – or anyone for that matter. What Are You Kidding Me? Ice pack underwear that cools off your junk called “Snow Balls”; a cop thought a McDonald’s employee took a bite out of his chicken but later realized he did it himself. Ryder the Youngin’ had to spend the weekend alone for the first time in a year with his girlfriend away, and he was actually really lonely. Hundreds of new laws have gone into effect – Drew names a few, and two Meteor Showers will light up the sky tonight. On the Fitz Files: the Country Bands that were at the Gilroy Country Festival are OK; Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s dog was run over; the voice of Minnie Mouse has passed away, Armie Hammer is getting hammered on social media for a video of his baby sucking his toes, and it’s Shark Week! The Good Stuff: A guy proposed to his girlfriend with an elaborate bike ride that spelled out “Will You Marry Me”? on the map. City vs. Country: Did David from Enumclaw meet up with Becca from Seattle? And if so, how did it go? Ringtone I.Q: Who wins, Fitz, Drew or Claire? – or is it a 3-way tie because Ryder only had an even number of points available? Troop Salute: PFC John Long of the USMC. And Single Ladies “Out!” – A mother wants childless women banned from Disney World and Fitz agrees. Let the calls and texts fly!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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