Fitz in the Morning Episode #82 Tuesday 08/13/2019

It’s scary that it’s the 13th, but don’t worry – pumpkin spice will be back soon. First Call of the Day: Barry All-Day-Every-Day! What Are You Kidding Me!?: A man running from police jumped from a balcony onto a wasp nest. A Scottish groom was so drunk at his wedding that he had to be hand fed by his mother in law; a woman in England is trying to crowd fund her butt lift surgery and we all discuss what we would have done if we could crowd source some plastic surgery. You Make The Call: a bride’s sister asks if she can have the date and the venue because she got pregnant and needs to get married.   Hourly Bulletin: Lakewood Police determine no child abduction yesterday; a car crashed through the window of LA fitness ending up in the pool; the Seahawks invite 100 Coasties and Soldiers to practice; Dogfishing is the new Catfishing. The Fitz Files: “Friends” is coming to a movie theater, Liam Hemsworth is not ready to talk about Miley yet, Mamma June doesn’t want Honey Boo Boo back enough to leave her druggie boyfriend. The Good Stuff: a Waco man with special needs lost his father to cancer and was taken in by his former middle school teacher.  Make Up or Break Up: Matt from North Bend is upset that wife Cassie is pushing their son to focus on YouTube when he needs to focus on school. What’s on Your Mind Right This Minute? Playlist Profiling – sneaky Shade gives us 7-year-old Tanner? Getting To Know You – We tell you about the TV shows we loved when we were kids, and then we have to sing a bit of their theme songs.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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