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It’s been two years and now the wait is over. Even when he wasn’t on the radio in the AM Fitz continued on with his podcast, The Fitz Show and The Hit List With Fitz! But now you can tune in right here on New Country 98.9 The Bull every weekday morning from 5:30AM – 9 AM!!!! Catch your favorite segments like Choose Your News, What Are You Kidding Me, The Troop Salute and many more!


Tune in today and every weekday morning because who’s better than you? NOOOOOBODY!!!!


Fitz Coming to your air waves Monday through Friday New Country 98.9 The Bull!


About Ryder

Born and raised in Washington and I’m proud to call this place my home. I grew up dragging brush for my dad's tree service while listening to the radio. Those are some of my fondest memories as a kid. Being on a country radio station in Seattle is a chance to bring some of that joy to the greater Seattle area!

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