City vs Country

3 vs 12

Matt from Mill Creek is an electrician who’s been catfished before so he wants to meet girls the old fashioned way: face to face. We introduce him to Country Girl Christie from Puyallup and City Girl Alana who lives in Fremont. Country Girl Christie wants to show Matt the true Washington State Fair experience from…

Nice Bikini, Sailor!

Dale is a writer who lives in Kent. He’s 34 and has never found the right girl. He admits he is tired of dating City girls, finding them kind of “stuck up”, and so is already leaning toward a Country girl, but has agreed to keep an open mind. Today he gets the choice between…

I’d Rather Not Die on The First Date

Ashley from Bothell is a nurse who says dating apps have taken all the mystery out of the process and she wants to try something more spontaneous. We offer her a choice between Country Boy Charles, who is from Kent, and City Boy Nick, who is also from Kent. Charles suggests tubing on down the…

Yer-In Car Trouble?

Robert from Sumner is a cable installation technician for a “major cable company”. He’s looking to meet some new people in the area. He meets City Girl Trish from Tacoma and Country Girl Lisa from Maple Valley. Lisa says she has a 1965 mustang convertible that she likes to drive on weekends and invites Robert…

When a Date Falls In the Forest Does Anyone Hear?

Christine is a single girl from Puyallup who’s had a tough time meeting good guys. We have given her a choice between Country Boy Ron from Yelm and City Boy Adam from Issaquah. Ron wants to take her to the Morton Loggers Jubilee which is something in which his family has participated for many years as…

Shed Happens – So What Happened Next?

On Friday, we met Vanessa from Kent: a receptionist at an insurance company who came on the show to choose between City Boy Thomas from Redmond and Country Boy Carl from Shelton. Thomas thought he had this one all wrapped up, but Carl had another idea…

Shed Happens

Vanessa from Kent is a receptionist at an insurance company. She gets the chance to choose between City Boy Thomas from Redmond and Country Boy Carl from Shelton.

Now I Know What Flapper Means

Single Guy David from Enumclaw has written to Fitz saying he is ready to meet someone new. We have offered him a choice between City Girl Becca from the Seattle neighborhood of Ravenna and Country Girl Kristi from Marysville.

We Are Cleared For Landing

Bob from Burien is looking to meet someone new. He is in his 40’s, with no kids and no “baggage” and has a great job as an Air Traffic Controller at SeaTac. He gets to choose between City Girl Leslie from Olympia and Country Girl Amber from Bonney Lake.

We Kill What We Eat!

Matt from Kent is our latest bachelor up to meet a City girl and a Country girl. He is a graphic artist who says he’s 6ft tall, and a self-described “pretty cool dude”.