Make Up or Break Up

Open the T-Top Honey, the Diaper’s Exploded!

Heather and Chris from Puyallup are raising a baby together. Their son is 18 months old and they needed a new car. But Heather wrote into Fitz to say that after they spent some time car shopping together looking at family cars, Chris went out on his own and bought a new Camaro. She is…

To YouTube Or Not YouTube

Matt from North Bend has written to Fitz about his wife Cassie and a disagreement they are having about their 15-year-old son. Matt says their son struggles in school and doesn’t really like it, but he wants him to finish high school and get some sort of future going, like trade school or another goal.…

Those OP Shorts Do Not Spark Joy

Ryan from Auburn has written into Fitz about his girlfriend Dana. Things were great until she moved into his place and started throwing out his stuff. At first, it seemed she just wanted to have her things there and make it homier, which he was cool with.

Down The Road I Go

Lauren from Lynwood has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Mike. A few months ago Mike started driving for Uber to make some extra cash. But now she says he’s obsessed with driving, does it all hours of day and night, and hardly spends any time with her.

Can You Get Second-Hand Cholesterol?

Aaron from Sumner has written to Fitz for help with his girlfriend Meagan. Meagan has decided to become a vegan which Aaron says he respects but she has become really pushy about it.

My Little Brony

Michelle has called into the show about her boyfriend Adam. She has a 12-year-son named Charlie from a previous relationship. Charlie’s bio dad is no longer in the picture, and Michelle says Adam has been a good second father to Charlie and Charlie adores him. But now she says Adam has started being really hard on Charlie for his hobbies.

No One Wants to Call the Baby Ugly

Kaylie from Parkland has written in to Fitz and she is pretty upset. She says her boyfriend Josh has started acting differently toward her recently ever since she told him that several years ago she had quite a bit of plastic surgery done.

Bros Before…Well, You Know…

Jeff from Buckley has called in to Fitz because he is upset that his girlfriend Vanessa doesn’t like his friends. He says she refuses to hang out with them, and seems to actively be trying to get him to hang out with them less often.

Work Wife

Alexa from Auburn has written in to the show about her boyfriend Brian. Brian has a close female friend at work who is always texting him about really personal stuff including some major TMI about guys she’s dating and um….what she does with them.