Troop Salute

Dade Newell Jr. of the USMC

Pride in military service runs deep in many families. Sometimes that pride runs right through a particular branch of the military. Today I would like to salute a Marine who is the latest in a LONG line of Marines. Today we are Saluting Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. of the United States Marine Corps. Dade…

Ashley of the US Navy

Being in our military can be a tough job.  There are a lot of responsibilities on the shoulders of our service men and women. When you add the responsibilities and time required to be a parent AND a service member, then you’re talking about a real challenge. Today’s Troop Salute is for a Fearless Female…

Kiarah Burke of the US Air Force

We do a lot of Troop Salutes for service men and women who have been in uniform for years. We tell stories that are passed to us about achievements and accomplishments from years of service. Sometimes you can’t help but picture that action hero character that we see in the movies. But the Troop Salute…

Paul Fawett of the US Air Force

We salute the troops on this show because we respect the courage and sacrifice it takes to keep this nation safe. We know that military service is rarely easy. Service comes with risks and it comes with rewards.

US Army Golden Knights

This Troop Salute is a bit of a personal message from all of us here on the show. We had an opportunity recently to fly with The Golden Knights team as they went up for a performance. It was an incredible honor and a “bucket list” day that none of us will ever forget.

Almond Groves of the US Navy

When you love the service, you want to tell everyone else about the great experiences that you’ve had. And recruiting is a great way to share your experiences and help others find theirs.

John Long of the US Marine Corps

Today we have an update on a troop Fitz saluted quite a while ago. We first saluted PFC John Long of the United States Marine Corps back when he was just leaving for boot camp. His dad Mike is one of our favorite P1’s of the show – you may have heard Fitz refer to him as “Trash Man Mike”.

William Shultz of the US Navy

There are jobs in the Military that can actually seem pretty regular; jobs that don’t differ too much from their civilian world counterparts. But then there jobs that just sound cool: the stuff right out of the movies. Today we salute Chief Petty Officer William Shultz of the United States Navy who has exactly one of those exciting jobs.

Kurt Lynn Boorigie of the US Army

Most people who have served this nation have a story or two to tell. Sometimes the stories are incredible, action packed tales of triumph, sometimes they can be just down right funny, and sometimes they can absolutely heart breaking.