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Game Of Thrones Final Season Premiers April 14th!

HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” took the world by storm in 2011, seven years later it’s all coming to an end. Since the beginning they kept insisting that Winter was coming and with no idea what that was, we enjoyed the story that ensued. It seemed that it was all a fight to see who got to sit on the Iron Throne and rule over the “Seven Kingdoms.”

As the show progressed we were introduced to a world filled with knights, magic and Dragons! The stories filled us with excitement, loss, hope and heart break. But most of all we got to see our favorite characters truly live…and well die. But when they introduced the Night King everything changed. This story was never about ruling kingdoms it was about surviving the end.

The Night King commands an army of the dead along side giant zombies called White Walkers. He was originally one of the true rulers of their world from centuries ago. His past isn’t quite clear but it seems he was punished for acts of war by magical beings called the Children Of The forest and now he’s back for his revenge and to kill everyone and everything only adding to his army. Now the living must put aside their want to rule for their need to survive.


Not only did we get a trailer for the final season but we got a release date for when the end…begins! Set your DVR’s to record April 14th!!!!



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