Credit: Dick's Drive In

Happy Birthday Dicks Drive In!!! (19 cent Burger Bash!)

In 1954 on January 29th Dick Spady, H. Warren Ghormley and Dr. B.O.A Thomas opened up the first Dick Burgers in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood.

Dick’s Drive In has been a staple of Seattle for 65 years to date! Whether you’re a broke college kid, just got out of a Seahawks or mariners game you’ve probably been to Dicks Drive In around the wee hours of the morning. They’ve almost been like a security blanket for the hungry people of Seattle. Everything else closed, you can still count on Dick’s Burgers to be open and have fresh never frozen patties!

From the Burgers to the fries and milkshakes there’s a lot to love about Dicks Drive In. They’re a friendly face and apart of our community that we

Dicks Drive In is turning the big 65 today and they’re throwing a burger bash! Well…they’re selling burgers for 19 cents in celebration! It’s the same price for the burger as it was back in 1954! So Stop on by any Dick’s Drive In today to pick up your 19 cent burger! (Limit 1 per person!)

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