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Hasbro is Releasing Halo-Themed Nerf Blasters and They Are Awesome!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - August 25, 2018: Nerf Is A Toy Brand Cr
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Let’s face it, guys never really grow up. If you’re my age, chances are you probably played with Nerf guns a lot as a kid, and you stayed up all night playing Halo with your friends. Now those two things are becoming one, and even though I’m a “responsible adult” now, the kid in me is beyond excited!

Hasbro is releasing a line of Halo-themed Nerf guns and I NEEEEEED them! So far they have three of the classic Halo looks to choose from. You can get the Needler, but unlike its video game counterpart, doesn’t have homing rounds (get on it scientists), the SPNKR, a double barreled pistol, and of course the classic MA40! Unfortunately, the MA40 will not fire automatically, but knowing myself that’s probably for the best.

Maybe I’m immature, or just a kid at heart, but I’m unreasonably excited about this!

Also, I’ll just leave this here: