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Henry “Mike” Pokrzywka of the US Air Force

When you love your nation, and you love to be in the service of this nation, then a job in the military won’t really feel like much of a job at all. Today we salute Henry “Mike” Pokrzywka of the United States Air Force. Mike loved serving in this nation’s Air Force.  He enlisted in the Air Force in New York before he even graduated from High School back in 1955. Pokrzywka specialized in hydraulics and he worked on the C-130s 109th Tactical Air Lift Group. The 109th is the only unit in the world with C-130s outfitted with skis to fly into and out of frozen runways around the globe. We know that Mike loved his job with the Air Force because he did that job for over 30 years, retiring from the 109th as a Master Sergeant and Crew Chief in 1988. After retirement, Mike loved to hunt and fish and spend time with his family. According to his granddaughter Allison, who wrote in for this salute, he also made some fantastic homemade French fries. “When my sister and I were younger, we would sit at the table for hours while he made French fries.  We would eat them faster than he could make them.” Allison said. He was also making memories in that kitchen. Master Sergeant Henry “Mike” Pokrzywka passed away in January at the age of 83, surrounded by his family and their love.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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