Here’s how not to gain the “COVID-15” when working from home during COVID-19

Here's how not to gain the "COVID-15" when working from home during COVID-19

iStock/simarik(NEW YORK) — Sure, working from home has its advantages — like working in your PJ bottoms and not contracting a potentially deadly disease from someone on the train. However, in our attempts to avoid COVID-19 at home, being around your kitchen all day might lead you to gain what some are jokingly referring to online as the COVID-15, as in the number of pounds you may pack on. 

With your gym closed and your commute limited to walking from your bedroom to your couch, you’re certainly not getting in the steps you’ve been used to. And with the stress of the pandemic and the proximity to the emergency Hostess Ho-Hos you likely bought on a supply run, it’s pretty easy to get off track. 

Elisabetta Politi, nutrition director, Duke Diet & Fitness Center, talked to The Wall Street Journal about how to stop bad eating habits before they start. “One of the biggest pitfalls of working from home is grazing, or eating mindlessly as you work,” she says.

Politi suggests an eating schedule that emulates the one you had before the outbreak turned everything upside down. Also, don’t eat on the couch. Change your setting for mealtime — actually sit down at your dining room or kitchen table when you eat.

Another tip? Don’t stop buying the healthy stuff you used to. “I think people are afraid of buying fresh fruits and vegetables, but some are much less perishable,” Politi says.

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