He’s No Bill, But You’re No Melinda

Janna from Issaquah has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Ben who she says wants to invest all of their money into a tech start-up. She says they’ve both been working hard to save up for a down payment on a house and with the economy so up in the air right now she thinks it’s too big a risk. And she says Ben doesn’t really know anything at all about investing or about tech and is just relying on the advice of the friend who wants the money. When Ben comes on he says he is really bummed that Janna doesn’t believe in him a little more. He says while he knows there is no such thing as a “sure thing”, his friend’s start-up is actually really great and he feels that by getting in on the ground floor, he and Janna will make a fortune. And he says now is a perfect time to invest because hedge funds have the time to take a good look at start-ups. Complicating the conversation is that Ben can’t tell any of us what this thing even is that his friend has invented and wants them to give him their life savings for.

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?

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