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Hints, Tips and Tricks for The Bull’s First Birthday Bash

If you haven’t thrown down in a while, or if you’re a seasoned party pro. Here’s some helpful hints to make our Bull First Birthday Bash Saturday at Little Creek Casino the most pleasurable experience possible.

1.  Get a Room

It’s not just something you yell at a couple performing just a little too much PDA… Getting a room is the smart play.  The accommodations are straight up GORGEOUS.  There are spa rooms, two room suites, even rooms with California kings that are, most importantly, just a leisurely stroll and an elevator ride away from all the action.

Click Here for More on Little Creek Casino Rooms and Suites

2.  Walk In Like You Own the Room

True statement:  The party won’t TRULY begin until YOU get there.  So walk in like the champ you are!  Whatever music is playing… THAT’S your entrance music.  Hey… works for ballplayers and WWE wrestlers, right?  Why not you?

3.  Condition, condition, condition

What’s the big mistake most people make before Thanksgiving dinner?  They go all in on an empty stomach.  Critical lapse in judgement.  You want to eat it up the few days before.  Stretch that stomach out.

Same with a big party.  If you haven’t had any social lubrication in a while you don’t want to start in on the vodka/crans cold.  Start today… have a couple of beers after work.  I call it libation preparation.


4. Dress to Impress

Think to yourself: Is that tuxedo t-shirt appropriate attire?  If you answered “yes” we can’t wait to see you Saturday night!!!  You’re my kind of awesome!!


5.  Leave the Kids and (Most) of Your Inhibitions at Home

Translation:  I need you to teach me how to play craps.


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Vermont farm boy, moved to Seattle 13 years ago and couldn't be more happy to be playing in the Bull's barnyard. Loves his family, mountains, water, pickup trucks and ALL things tasty.

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