If You Like It, Then You Better Put a Ring on It

Back in January, we met Megan and Tim from Auburn. Megan had asked Fitz for help because she thought Tim was going to propose on Christmas and he didn’t, and then she thought maybe it was New Year’s, but that passed too. It turns out Tim had planned proposing New Year’s Eve but made the mistake of telling her friends who leaked it to her but told her Christmas, after which, with no ring, she became very cold and when New Year’s came around Tim didn’t feel like proposing. When they were with us on MUBU, Tim explained that it was really important to him that the proposal be perfect and be a memory they have forever – like something out of a movie – so he was waiting for the perfect moment and New Year’s Eve wasn’t it and now he has to wait for the next perfect moment, after he’s not mad anymore. Megan didn’t realize any of that and just couldn’t figure out why he was taking so long to propose and though maybe he changed his mind. Today we get them both back on the phone to talk about what happened after their call with us, and maybe revisit their Valentine’s Day?!?! Although at this point, Megan would probably take President’s Day too. Pick a day, any day, Tim!

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?

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