It Feels Good To Be Home

Lady, Maverick and Ruger

So I’m the new guy here at 98.9 The Bull.  I wanted to take a minute and say hello and introduce myself, and answer a few questions that I always get.

  • What does “B-Dub” mean?
    • It has nothing to do with that chicken wings place…which for the record, I love…my real name is Bryan Washington.  In high school, Bryan Washington got shortened to “BW” which was shortened to “B-Dub.”  I figured it was a lot quicker to say, so I rolled with it.

  • Where are you from?
    • Radio has taken me all over America, but I grew up right here in the Northwest.  I spent most of my childhood in the small town of Creswell, Oregon. If you don’t know it, it’s about ten minutes south of Eugene.  Yes, I’m a Duck, but we can still be friends right?
  • Are you married?
    • My wife Chelsea and I have been married for almost six years.  We actually met, got engaged, and married all in the same year!  It’s an adventure getting to know someone after you’ve gotten married, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Do you have kids? Plan on having any?
    • Currently no kids…not sure about the future on that. We have definitely talked about it, but it’s on the back burner.  We do have three dogs, though!  L-R in the pic below are Ruger, Lady, and Maverick.  We also have three nieces and a nephew, and we are their favorite aunt and uncle. LOL

  • Are you really a Country fan, or do you just work in it?
    • I absolutely LOVE country music!  It’s been great to see guys like Dustin Lynch, Dan + Shay, and others grow from the time I met them on their “radio tour” to the superstars they are, today.  I love everything about this genre.  From the loyalty of the listeners, to the relationship between the artists and their fans, it’s absolutely amazing.
  • What do you and your wife do for fun?
    • We love to travel, explore the outdoors, and going to concerts and ballgames (can they come back yet?).  We also love wine tasting, craft breweries, and I love to grill.  I’m a Traeger man, myself.  Below are some of my BBQ creations recently.

Thanks so much for reading my blog, if you want to know more, I’m @bdubradio on all socials!  Look forward to getting to know you!