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I’ve Got Friends in Less-Public Places

Today we met Single Guy Zack from Covington. He works at a casino, enjoys playing sports, especially basketball, and wants to meet a girl who knows how to have fun but can also still be a girly-girl. He’s only been in the area for about a year and works a lot so he really hasn’t seen much of either the City or the Country around here. We introduce him to City Girl Jane from Seattle and Country Girl Lauren from Enumclaw. City Girl Jane is a Yoga Instructor (there seem to be a lot of them around!) who also does some acting for fun at some local theaters. She suggests being a real-life Seattle tourist, with a stop at Pike Place and the original Starbucks, a ride on the Monorail and then dinner at the Space Needle. Country Girl Lauren works in a Dental Office for her job-job, but her real love is working with animals so she helps out on some local farms. She seems really shocked at the idea of Jane taking Zack to so many public places and thinks they should just go have dinner at the Yella Beak, where she knows everyone, and where they’ve been, and then go back to her place for Netflix, although not with the “Chill” part, just yet. Lauren gets a little feisty with Jane which probably helps play right into Zack’s decision. But in the end, will it work in her favor?

Stop swiping, delete your Tinder, close your Bumble account, Fitz is your new matchmaker. Northwest singles call us to be set up. Fitz gives them the option of a City date, or a Country date. They can only pick one!

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