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James Hammer of the US Navy

The US Navy serves proudly, protecting our nation and keeping the seas safe around the entire globe.
Although the mission of the Navy is primarily above and below the oceans, there exists an entire segment of the Navy whose sailors are trained to work almost entirely on land. The “SeaBees” is the name given to the Navy’s Construction Battalion and today we salute one of these dry footed sailors.
Today we salute Constructionman James “Jax” Hammer of the United States Navy Construction Battalion. James is a native of University Place where he graduated from Curtis High School. Hammer is a natural fit for the SeaBees; just look at that nickname! “Jax” Hammer says “I enjoy the structure and the skills the Seabees train me as a warfighter.” James says high school and college athletics helped prepare him for the navy physically, and emotionally the Navy is a family tradition that he is proud to carry on. “My grandfather was a supply officer in the Navy during WWII on D-Day.  He served aboard a ship that crossed the English Channel 66 times.” Hammer says. “His ship was one of the few in his fleet not destroyed by underwater mines.  I also have an Uncle who was a Lieutenant Junior Grade, who served as a communications officer during the Vietnam War.” For his selfless commitment to the Navy and to our nation, and for carrying on a rich family tradition of service to the fleet, today we salute Constructionman James “Jax” Hammer of the United States Navy Seabees.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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