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Jason Franks of the US Navy

The Service has changed a lot during it’s nearly 250 years in this country. Muskets and cannon were replaced by M-16’s and smart missiles. Biplanes and spotting balloons were replaced by Next-gen stealth fighters and satellites. And couriers and secret codes have been replaced by computers and encryption. But all this new equipment and capability still serves the same mission and learning to operate in this high-tech military takes some very special training. Today we salute Lieutenant Jason Franks of the United States Navy. Lieutenant Franks has just completed his training at the Information Warrior Training Command (IWTC) in San Diego, California. Franks is a 2005 Redmond High School graduate and native of Redmond. He graduated from Western Washington University in 2008 with a degree in math. As a Naval Intelligence officer, Lieutenant Franks is responsible for providing regional and adversary information to commanders in support of the Navy mission. “My job is to help the commanders make the best decisions based on the information available,” he says. “The training I received at IWTC gives me an opportunity to learn about U.S. Marines,” said Franks. “This is really important, since I’ll be serving aboard an amphibious ship where we have sailors and Marines working together.” In a very connected world, we need more very connected warriors. And that is why today we salute Lieutenant Jason Franks of the United States Navy.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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