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Kelsea Ballerini Answers A Young Fan’s Letter With Sweet Advice

A middle school girl got the biggest surprise of her life after her favorite singer responded to a letter she wrote. Kelsea Ballerini wrote to a fan named Ellie, who was being bullied at school but found relief in Ballerini’s music.

Ellie found Ballerini’s song “Homecoming Queen” to be extremely helpful and said she wanted to sing it for an audition on America’s Got Talent.  “Middle school was really hard for me too,” Ballerini wrote back to Ellie. “It’s a time when everyone is starting to discover who they are, it’s awkward and emotional, and unfortunately the way some people feel like they have it together is by tearing other people apart.” Ballerini encouraged Ellie to “hang in there” and to audition for AGT, she said Ellie definitely has her vote.

Go get ’em Ellie!