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Local Restaurants to try around the Pacific Northwest without leaving your house!

Quarantine has shown us a lot like how much we miss going out to eat. Thankfully we live in the day and age of food delivery apps! So now we can get our food from our favorite restaurants without leaving our house. I’ve been trying quite a few to try and do my part to help local businesses…also I love tasty things.


If you’re like me you may not have tried a lot of these places and you wanna switch up the normalcy of what you’ve been eating. Lucky for you I’ve been around the block when it comes to eating around the PNW.


I’m going to hook you up with the best local places I know of on Door Dash, Uber Eats and Grub Hub!


#5.) Odd Fellas Pub and Eatery 

This one is near and dear to my heart. I still remember the first time I tried one of their Bangers and Mash to their Irish Nachos! You read that right, Bangers and Mash with savory British style pork bangers and mashed potatoes, along with Guinness-braised onions. Their Irish Nachos are no joke either! Nachos but instead of chips it’s tater tots!!! Check out the menu and get yourself something tasty.

They have a good sized menu so you’re sure to find something you’ll want to dig into!


#4.) Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Exactly what it sounds like! Sub Zero Nitrogen made Ice Cream!! Yes it’s entirely safe to eat and let me add TASTY!!!

You have a bunch of different kind of flavors to try like, Key Lime Voltage, Magnetic Mint, Chocolate Conduction and that’s only the beginning! Need a good sweet treat look no further! You can order Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream on Door Dash around Federal Way


#3.) Katsu Burgers

Now this one caught me by surprise!! Locally founded burger joint right her in the PNW brings a Japanese twist! Katsu Fried Burgers with Beef, Pork and Chicken!

Not to mention their Nori Fries which blew me away the first time i tried them. If that doesn’t sell you they have milk shakes that are out of this world!

I highly suggest the Samuri Select, Crispy Beef, Bacon and pineapple along with Wasabi Mayo and Tonkatsu Sauce!!! You can try them for yourself by using Door Dash and they have multiple locations around the PNW for you to try!


#2.) Crockett’s Public House

Crockett’s is a staple of Puyallup being featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!! This place has been a staple in the community and for good reason, the food is delicious the chef and cooks are next level and on top of that it’s perfect food for a date night or a family night!

You can order Crockett’s Public House on Door Dash!


#1.) Warthogs BBQ Pit

This one blew my mind and was worth every penny!! Savory Barbecue, a great to go menu and food you’ll come back for when this quarantine is over!!!

They have a bunch you can pick from! From Ribs, to chicken, BBQ pork, brisket, Mac and cheese and cole slaw i couldn’t get enough of…yes I tried one of everything…and it was worth it.

This is some Barbecue you definitely gotta try. You can order it through Door Dash and it’s available in Fife and Tacoma!