Maren Morris new Music Video For “Girl”!!!

First she dropped her new single then came the music video. There’s been talks of Maren Morris being in the studio for a while now but we weren’t sure how long it would take let alone how powerful it would be. Maren Morris wen’t through a lot in 2018. She was nominated for 3 different awards for the CMA’s, 5 Grammy Awards, had a smash hit tour and married Country singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd.


But with all of those amazing moments there’s still a lot behind the curtain we don’t see. Of course there’s ups and downs but they affected Maren Morris on a personal level. One that would transcend her music. In an interview she explained why “Girl” was the first single off her new album.


“Me choosing ‘Girl’ as the first single, it’s about transitioning from someone who felt like she didn’t need anybody into someone who very much needs people and is okay with admitting that,” she continued saying. “That really frightening vulnerability that I’ve been trying to avoid, I’m not doing that any longer.”


It’s easy to say everything’s fine and it’s easier to say you can do it all on your own. Admitting you need someone is one is a feat of strength I wish I had. So here’s to Maren Morris for being an amazing person and for letting us into her life with this beautiful song and music video!


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