Meet Petca (GSD) & Bella Jean (Vizsla) @ Seattle Humane! [Tongue Out Tuesday]

One of my FAVORITE things about adopting from rescues/shelters is KNOWING a lot about a new friend! And sometimes, your new friend knows a lot!

In addition to the basics (Sit/Down) BELLA JEAN knows UP! And, WOW! Her “UP” is close to 6 feet vertical. She’s an amazing athlete and eager to learn more! It’s so hard to believe she’s one of Seattle Humane’s longer residents.

This 7 year old Vizsla mix would like to be the only pet in your home. She’s equally excited about cuddles as she is about jumping and zooming! Looking to complete your adult-only/older child home? You could be her perfect match!

BELLA JEAN is in the FOSTER to ADOPT program. Maybe you want to give her some time outside the shelter while you decide if you two are a perfect match? FOSTER to ADOPT is a wonderful option at SEATTLE HUMANE. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a German Shepherd mix? I’d like to introduce you to 8 year old Petca:

She LOVES to play FETCH and knows SIT & DOWN! She’s also looking to be your ONE & ONLY as the only pet in your home.

LOVE going on long walks? Petca is your girl. She’d do best in an adult/Large-Dog-Savvy-Kid home.

If Bella Jean & Petca are pulling at your heart strings, but your home is at pet-capacity, help them out with a SHARE! You never know which of your friends might be ready for their new BFF! Social media is such a powerful tool. Let’s use it to get our Tongue Out Tuesday pups into their forever homes faster!




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