Meet the people at 98.9 THE BULL who do all the hard work!




I went on Dancing With The Stars with absolutely no experience in dancing. My pro dance partner Sharna and I had incredibly low scores throughout the entire season. The odds were against us, we ended up winning season 27! It was a “Mirror-Ball Miracle.”

The first celebrity I met was Darius Rucker. My first ever radio interview was with Darius, I was 17 years old and I was told the interview would be with a member of Hootie and the Blowfish...turned out it was Darius!

I was the captain of the 12th grade quiz bowl team at 12 years old!



I first met Bobby at Culvers when he was eating alone.

I saw the movie Pretty Woman at age 9.

George Strait surprised me at work one day… in person!



I was on The Jerry Springer show when I was 17

My arms don't bend properly so I can't touch my shoulders or pat myself on the back

Was crowned Prom King at the Anderson High School Prom in 1999!



I turned down a joint from THE Willie Nelson.

I first met Bobby at a William Hung concert.

I once got leid by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam…..a HAWAIIAN Lei that is.



I used to be a public address announcer in college at texas, at texas state, and minor league basketball and baseball

My wife had cancer 2 years ago and now she is cancer free and has gotten the covid vaccine

I bet that trump would be president 4 years ago, and i'm still waiting for my $50,000 dollars.

Scuba Steve1x1

Scuba Steve

I have more shoes than my wife (mostly old school Reebok’s, Adidas and Jordan’s)

Before radio I was a landscaper, building inspector, fast food drive-thru order taker & an eBay entrepreneur. In fact I sold sports cards and memorabilia online when I was 12-16yrs old, saved up the extra cash to buy my first car – 1991 Jeep Cherokee!

Even though my nickname is ‘Scuba Steve,’ I’ve NEVER been scuba diving.



I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 20 years. Since I was 8 years old.

I geek out over superhero movies and TV shows… Marvel, DC… you name it, I love it!

I have to have something sweet after every single meal. I have a big sweet tooth.

Mike D1x1

Mike D

I met Bobby after I messaged him on MySpace for advice on starting a podcast. He invited me to come sit in on the show...I became an intern...and now I'm here.

Dolly Parton once complimented my hair. She walked in the studio said "who is that with hair wilder than mine?" and then shook my hand.

I tell people my favorite movie is The Dark Knight...but it's really Twister.



I’m probably the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet.

I always like to look up spoilers for shows before I finish them.

I don’t like Ranch.


Scott Mahalick

Scott Mahalick
Operations Manager
AKA Head of Horns

I was a scratch golfer in College but can still be deadly on a good day

I speak three languages

I can play the piano and was a cornet player in marching band


Chelsea Taylor
AKA New to the Party

Chelsea decided to marry her husband on the first date….mostly because he owned a brewery!

You can find her most Sunday mornings on the aisles of Target because it is her happy place.

Prior to radio, Chelsea was an executive in the medical industry and was hired for her first radio job after shooting a commercial for another radio station! Right place right time!


AKA Smile Generator

I am a self-proclaimed Master Barbecue Expert

I am a blood relative of George Washington and Jefferson Davis

I love road trips and when I moved back to the NW, I drove from Denver, CO to Portland, OR in one day



I don’t have a favorite color. I have two: blue and green

My goal in 2021 is to become a "Skoolie"

I have two boxers and their names are "Pup Pup" and "Sasha"

Deanna Cruz

Deanna Cruz
Overnight and Weekend Host

Never have I ever watched an episode of GOT and I'm proud of it

Christmas is my favorite season

I have no problem eating peanut butter with a spoon right out of the jar


Jesse Tack
Weekend Host
No Relation to TicTak

My first job was detasseling corn in Iowa which involves walking through cornfields at 6:00 am to remove leftover tassels so it can properly grow. It was miserable.

As a grown man, I still have a fear of taking fish off a hook. I’ve been “encouraged” to do it a few times and it’s not a good time.

My dog, Jackson, is named after my favorite artist growing up -- Michael Jackson. My twin brother, Joey, and I had tickets to see Michael Jackson in London, but MJ passed away before the show.

Keith Bolender

Keith Bolender
Weekend Host
AKA Mind Dazzler

I originally went to school to become a music teacher

I toured China with the Bellevue College Jazz Band in 2011

When I'm watching a football game on TV, I often say what the announcer is going to say before he says it


Kris Valentine
Weekend Host
AKA Latest and Certainly the Greatest

Kris was born and raised in the Midwest with plenty of roots in the Great Northwest, having lived in Portland for 5 years and visiting the amazing city of Seattle often.

Every time he talks, as he's considered a loveable goof who tends to speak what's on his mind... which often gets him in trouble... in a fun and playful way!

Joe Hammerschmidt

Joe Hammerschmidt

Movie Reviews

Performed in a handful of plays in high school and was a natural

Back in school, I could potentially be the final anchor in a swimmer’s relay,

I had to quit coffee years ago and am now mostly a tea guy



Country Top 40

Wrote senior paper about Vanilla Ice

Host of the World Famous, Country Top 40

Has aspirations to play a love interest role on The Hallmark Channel


Rachel McGrath
Voice Over Artist
AKA She is the female voice of the BULL on the cool station promotional announcements

I have my own cooking show! If you like laughing and eating, find me on IG, FB, and YouTube @seerachelcook. Drop me a message!

I hang out with my cats in my backyard, which officially makes me the craziest of cat ladies.

I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and hated it so much that I cried about it.


The Ones That Make You Smile, Feel Good, and Give You Free Stuff


Tracie Kalkbrenner
Marketing Director
AKA Coach

I have lived in 7 states

I played college basketball

Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" is my go-to karaoke song


Claire Soucy

I graduated from the University of Idaho... Go Vandals!

I have the same last name as a Seattle Kraken player

My family has a YouTube channel called Adventures with the Soucys



Dustin Miller

Electic taste in television. Everything from WWE to Bravo.

Self-proclaimed Jeopardy champion

Baked goods aficionado

cyan bio

Cyan Fuehr

I auditioned for American Idol when I was 15 years old

In September 2021 I went to Costa Rica which was my first time outside of the U.S

I'm the energizer bunny of the office!


Dylan Branshaw

My favorite movie is In Bruges

I can speak Japanese

I love death metal music


Website, Social Media, Video

Dylan Hubber

Dylan Hubber
AKA Visual Magician

I have a large collection of board games

I am a hobbyist magician

I’m pretty tall, 5’18 to be exact

Seth Thompson1x1

Seth Thompson
Digital Director
AKA Executor Digitalis

I have over 1000 different Transformers in my home office

I narrate audio books as a side hustle.  My voice has been described as "buttery" by clients.

I was on a hidden camera show called Trigger Happy TV


KC Fong
Art Director
AKA Makes EVERYTHING around him amazing.  All day, every day

I can speak German.

I love bodybuilding and circus arts.

I have an obsession with carnivorous plants.


The Ones Who Make All The Commercials


Matt Warren
AKA Imaging Extraordinaire

Matt was the youngest person at the age of 15 to be accepted into the Radio Broadcasting program at GRCC (Auburn WA) and radio station “KGRG" with a consistent 4.0 GPA.

Matt has traveled or moved to more than 30 destinations including countries to make his dream come true and is finally coming home to Seattle.

Matt recently trained Johnny a “Sound" Hound Dog to verify “Frequency” and “Sound". Isn’t he cute?

Steve Mills

Steve Mills
AKA Mix Master

I was born on Friday the 13th

I am a collector of old vintage vinyl 78 records and still play my wind up Victrola

I put green Tabasco sauce on pretty much EVERYTHING


Technical Masters

Raymond Baca

Raymond Baca
Chief Engineer
AKA The Great Outdoorssmith

I love to surf and ski

Enjoy driving road and track automobiles

I can't dance and I'm too fat to fly...but I keep trying

Rob Purdy

Rob Purdy
AKA Undercover Agent for all things technical


Taking Care of Business...


Carrie Cuy
Traffic Specialist
AKA Winston Wolf

I'm married to a guy I met in Kindergarten

I'm an ordained Minister

I got my first radio job in 1979

Shari Kramer

Shari Kramer
Business Manager
AKA I pay all the bills

My dream is to visit all the Disney Properties

As a kid, I ended up with 27 gerbils due to no one being able to tell the difference between the males & females

I love breakfast foods for dinner

Pam Wohlman

Pam Wohlman
Traffic Specialist
AKA I put all the commercials together like a puzzle and get them on the air!


Heather Hanson
Integrated Project Manager

I was born in Wisconsin and therefore am a lover of all things cheese and beer

I have a backwards tooth

In my pastime, running half marathons was a hobby, then I had kids


Getting Advertisers Results

Michael Fashana

Michael Fashana
Director of Sales
AKA Head of Results

I love a rooftop cocktail

I fantasize about living Kenny Chesney’s island life

Missed calling in life…a Formula One racecar driver

Cindy Johnson

Cindy Johnson
Sales Team Leader
AKA Queen of Green

I have an extra spleen

I used to sing at weddings

I rode the mechanical bull at Cowgirls and stayed on the entire ride

Julie Judge

Julie Judge
National Sales Manager
AKA Wrangler of the Green

I was born in Germany

I can always find a song lyric, jingle, slogan or movie line to fit into any conversation

When I go to Italy I bring back olive oil, not wine!


Stephanie Leyson

Stephanie Leyson

My favorite foods are sushi and pizza

My dream is to one day win the lottery

I can’t nap for the life of me!

Erica Roney

Erica Roney

I’m a direct descendent of Norwegian Royalty

I can say the alphabet in 3 different ways: English, French and backwards in English!

In elementary school I was the youngest member of the school unicycle club

Jodee Fraser

Jodee Fraser

I love to make homemade cards. (Follow me @stampwithjodee)

Sleeping is overrated – I go to bed most nights at 2am

I ran a marathon in 2001 – haven’t run since

Lori Low

Lori Low

Lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years

I wanted to be a veterinary when I grew up

I have done over 20 triathlons

Tiffany Lundeen

Tiffany Lundeen

I drove a 1975 bright yellow bug in college

I named my daughter after my favorite literary heroine, Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice

I will take sugar candy over chocolate every time

headshot 2021

Catie Beck

I am the Worthy President of the Fraternal Order of Eagles #1, on my 4th term

My first concert was Neil Young when I lived in Cleveland, Ohio

My dog is my favorite AND prettiest friend

Profile Pic for Zoom

Angela Neal

I am a trivia whiz when it comes to TV and movies

I made fitness/health a priority over the last year and was able to lose 30lbs

I love design and redecorating my house, I'm a huge HGTV fan!


Secret Weapons Behind the Scenes

Anna Brown

Anna D
National Sales Assistant

I used to fly in a helicopter everyday

I’m a (proud) Air Force brat

My entire school caught me on the 5 o’clock news playing hooky one day

Sigrid von Krosigk

Sigrid von Krosigk
Sales Coordinator/Billing

I was on an episode of Bar Rescue

My favorite Safeway Deli item is their Flauta

I’ve danced with Marshawn Lynch and his mom at the same time

Vice President / Market Manager

Head Honcho

Trip Reeb
Vice President / Market Manager
AKA Head Honcho