Meow! Meet LUCY @ PAWS Cat City [Everyday is Caturday]

Have you ever been to PAWS Cat City? In addition to the Lynnwood shelter (which has cats AND dogs) Cat City is more of a feline boutique in Seattle [proper]. GIANT windows and cat colony rooms make it a really lovely place for them to stay between homes. The walls are lined with climbing perches and toys/treats/cat nip are abundant.

If you’ve owned cats, you know they aren’t always as open to change as dogs. I mean, imagine being a cat who’s lived indoors all your life. The only time you leave home is for a vet trip (which is NOT fun) and suddenly you find yourself in a new space with overwhelming sights, smells and noises. Think about how hard it would be to put your best PAW forward when meeting an adopter. Many of those potential stressors are eliminated at Cat City.

I’m at Cat City once a month to meet, cuddle and take a few pictures of cats. I like to use the radio station as a platform to showcase animals so they might be adopted faster! YOUR clicks and SHARES help make that happen.


YES, she has a mustache! (Instagram celeb cat potential? Oh yes!)

This 11yr old, 11lb lady is ready to welcome you home with a sweet “meow” or two. (She’s not classically “chatty” but gives a charming greeting when she sees you!) She’s healthy and has a lush, bunny-soft coat. She most enjoys being near her human and responds to the invitation for nuzzles and pets. When you’re not home, she’ll be happy cuddled in a blanket awaiting your arrival (and hopefully a treat or two!)

Her adoption fee is just $50.

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a new best friend? Meet Lucy at PAWS Cat City!



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