Dustin Lynch at the Watershed Music Festival 2018 at The Gorge Amphitheatre. (Photo by David Conger / davidconger.com)

New Dustin Lynch Music? Yes, Please!

Dustin Lynch has released a new 3-song EP called Ridin’ Roads.

Ridin’ the success of his first #1 hit as a song-writer, “Good Girl”, “Ridin’ Roads” was also co-written by Dustin, along with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell. The other two songs on the EP are called “Little Town Livin’” and “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes,” and Dustin also co-wrote those.

Dustin says, “We have a lot more colors to paint with than we did on the first album. I don’t think there are any more genre walls. It’s all about the lyric and the message, and we let the song steer us. If we dig it, we’ll take a chance.”



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