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New Music Round Up 4/27/2018

Whats Up Bull Nation!

We know that life gets busy. Whether it’s working to pay the bills, taking care of the kids, or just dealing with the curve-balls life throws at you it’s hard to keep up with which artists are putting out new music and when!

WELL DON’T WORRY! We’ve got your back. Every Friday we’ll be bringing you your weekly New Music Round Up, a list of the biggest and most important releases that we think you should know about!

 #1 Kane Brown Announces Collaboration With Pop Star Camila Cabello

Over the last few years Country crossovers have worked tremendously well for names such as Florida Georgia Line and Maren Morris, and now it’s Kane Brown’s turn.

Brown has teamed up with pop singer Camila Cabello for a newly-produced, remixed version of her hit “Never Be the Same.” Cabello says “Never Be the Same” has always felt country to her, and that Brown was the perfect artist to sing it.

What’s not known is if it will be released to the pop or the country charts, or perhaps both? Either way Brown will have his fans’ support like he always has during his unique path to country stardom.

For the Full Story Click here.

 #2 Keith Urban Borrows Kassi Ashton’s ‘Swagger’ For New Song ‘Drop Top’

Keith Urban went looking for somebody to collaborate on his song “Drop Top” with a very specific person in mind! The country star found what he was looking for in Kassi Ashton. Urban says not only did she hit the “swagger” button on the head, he also says her individual style is unlike anybody out there.

“Drop Top” tells the story of a group of girlfriends on the way to Coachella and the song is one of several collaborations on his new album Graffiti U, which was released today!

For all the details about how this song came to be click here.

#3 Muscadine Bloodline’s New EP ‘Movin’ On’

When the country duo Muscadine Bloodline made their first splash in 2016 with the streaming hits “Porch Swing Angel” and “WD-40,” they were still a fairly new group, having been together for a year. Even so, the two Mobile, Alabama natives Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton sounded like they’d been making music together for years.

And with their new EP Movin’ On, available Today, Muncaster and Stanton take that fundamental approach and expand it in interesting new ways. If you want to read more about the process of making the Ep click here.


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