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New Music Round Up 5/4/2018

Whats Up Bull Nation!

We know that life gets busy. Whether it’s working to pay the bills, taking care of the kids, or just dealing with the curve-balls life throws at you it’s hard to keep up with which artists are putting out new music and when!

WELL DON’T WORRY! We’ve got your back. Every Friday we’ll be bringing you your weekly New Music Round Up, a list of the biggest and most important releases that we think you should know about!

#1  Drew Baldridge Releases “Gentle Man”

“Gentle Man” is the second single from Drew Baldridge’s sophomore studio album, due out later this year. Co-written by Baldridge, Chris Yarber and Robert Arthur, the poignant ballad has the singer looking back at the men who shaped his life in hopes that he’ll follow in their footsteps.

With hand-clapped rhythms and vivid lyrics combined with his sultry vocals, this song is asking to be played at all of your summer events!


#2 Dan & Shay Drop Tender Single “All To My Self”

In preparation of the duo’s next album, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney shared “All to Myself,” an island-inspired love song.

 “All to Myself.” features a backdrop of bongos, finger snaps and a guitar line that’ll have you dreaming of moonlit sandy beaches as Dan & Shay sing about the woman they want “in the worst way.

The song  is the second song Dan + Shay have released from their third studio album with Warner Bros.  it follows their single “Tequila,” which dropped in January.

Unfortunately no further details about the record are known, but duo has said it’s due later in 2018.


#3 Lindsay Ell Is Releasing Her Take On John Mayer’s ‘Continuum’

Lindsay Ell fans have been waiting for this announcement! The country singer-songwriter’s take on John Mayer’s Continuum album dubbed The Continuum Project — will be released on May 25.

Ell’s The Continuum Project started off as a homework assignment from her producer, Kristian Bush, in a effort to harness the singer’s creativity and hon in on her musical talents leading up to the creation of her album The Project.

Ell had strict guidelines she had to follow while recording every aspect of Mayer’s album, from vocals to melodies, by herself in her studio; she co-produced and co-engineered the project.

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