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Carrie Underwood & Family Welcome Jacob Bryan Fisher [New Baby]

The Underwood/Fisher family has officially expanded to 4 humans! They currently ALSO have a couple rescue pups and just days ago added a new PUPPY! Congrats to Carrie, Mike & Isaiah! Jacob Bryan Fisher made his arrival in “The wee hours of the morning.” Thank you for sharing your JOY with us! Find MORE photos on INSTAGRAM! If you’ve been …

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Ready For a NETFLIX Binge? [YOU]

ZERO spoilers! Read with confidence! If we’re Facebook Friends, you already know how much I LOVE YOU! I mean, I DO love you as a person…but also the Netflix show! Think Dexter meets Sex and the City for the current youthful adult viewer. Much like Dexter, I found myself cheering for the characters with questionable scruples. Much like Sex and …

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