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Are You Disaster-Ready? It’s Easy To Be Prepared!

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes and usually without warning. It’s important to have some basic supplies in case you’re stuck in your home without power for a few days or more. And yes, I know, lots of people worry about the “big one” – a Cascadia Quake - and yes, that could happen. But even a bad ice storm or wind storm could leave you without power for several days! Here are some of the top basic things you should always have in the house.

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Who is Still Set to Play at the Washington State Fair?

With less than two weeks left of the Washington State Fair, you’ve got to get over there and experience everything before it ends! For us here at 98.9 the most exciting part of the Fair is the concerts! Florida Georgia Line and Scotty McCreery already preformed over the past two weekends, but there are still so many amazing artists that …

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