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Fitz Interviews Ken Burns About Country Music

 Fitz: Pleasure to be in front of you and to be able to talk to your mind, talk to you, talk of the man behind so many documentaries that I have watched. I feel like sir, that I have learned more from you about our country and about our history more than any college professor I’ve ever had. Ken …

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REVIEW – “Official Secrets”: Keira Knightley Leads Tawdry, Timely, Often Tedious Whistle-blower Drama

[NOTE: An official selection of the 2019 Seattle International Film Festival] Intensely dramatic, journalistic dramas are really nothing considerably new, especially in a decade where DC and Boston’s heritage newspapers were highlighted in Oscar-bait films; one of them did win Best Picture, though one is still lost as to why it had earned that honor. The latest to join that …

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