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Red’s Rules of Football

Go sports… er… I mean Seahawks! I fully admit that I know nothing about football. Literally nothing. But now that I live in Seattle and the Seahawks are such a big part of Seattle culture, I feel like it’s high time I learned the rules of football. What is a “first down”? What is a “flea flicker”? What is “illegal …

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Seth’s Stupid News

C’mon… Who hasn’t wanted to live out the Marty McFly fantasy?  No… not the time travel silliness.  I’m talkin’ the hook on your hover-board and get a good ride in!  Clearly this raccoon is my spirit animal!

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CMA Nominations Reactions

It’s that time of year again, Country Music Awards season! Each year we come together to honor some of the biggest names in the Country music industry. With Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood set to host the event for the 11th year in a row, it’s sure to be an exciting night. And that excitement starts with CMA Nominations! Today …

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