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Chase Rice at Showbox SoDo [PHOTOS]

A double dose of shows in Chase Rice in Seattle! We had a great time with Chase and Cale Dodds on their Thursday night show and are looking forward to a sold out Friday night show! Check out some of our photos from the first night.

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Avengers Endgame New Trailer!!!!

  About a month away until Avengers: Endgame is released in theaters and we’re foaming at the mouth until it does! It’s truly the end of an era with all the original cast exiting after this movie. It’ll be a bitter sweet goodbye, while we finally get the ending to a story over ten years old. At the same time …

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Mmm…Pi Day! Here Are Some Local Freebies and Cheapies!

Pi Day?  What’s that mean?  Well, today is March 14, aka 3.14, aka Pi, aka , aka the circumference of a, well, math, math, math. But what it really means, in true American style, is great deals on Pie, both the yummy-fruity and the yummy-pizza variety! Here are a few spots around town where you can get some delicious deals …

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