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Fitz in the Morning Episode #175 Friday 01/10/20

Welcome Friday! May we present you this awesome Bull Yah!! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories we hear a cricket player get hit in the junk by a pitch and scream very politely, a drunk guy calls the cops claiming someone stole his cheeseburger, and some basketball announcers make an incredibly inappropriate call.…

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A Very Special City vs Country

Do you ever wonder what happens to the couples who meet on City vs Country? Well, so do we! So when we heard back from a couple who were willing to come on and share what happened next, we were super excited wanting to know if we actually made a real match! Back on November…

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(Not) Ringing In The New Year

Megan from Auburn has asked Fitz for help because she thought her boyfriend Tim was going to propose on Christmas Eve and he didn’t, and then she thought maybe it was New Year’s Eve, but that passed too, and now she’s wondering why he is taking so long. When Tim comes on, he says he…

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