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Dude, Where’s My Car?

Hannah from Tukwila has written to Fitz about her boyfriend Justin. She says he refuses to get a car because he doesn’t want to contribute to the local transit problem and he has an idealistic notion about using mass transit and riding his bike or Ubering when necessary. But she says he doesn’t really do…

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Fitz in The Morning Episode #157 11/26/19

The Countdown is on to Thanksgiving, It’s still a boys club in here because Claire is already off visiting family. What Are You Kidding Me? A 31 year old guy created a dating app that any number of women can join, but the male list is a bit more exclusive. How are Millennials dismantling the…

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Fitz in the Morning Episode #156 11/25/19

Welcome Back from the weekend. Claire is off today visiting family in Savannah, Georgia but Fitz declares that he won’t let this become a “boys club” today. What Are You Kidding Me? America’s clumsiest robber trips three times on camera, but still gets away. A nail salon customer is disgusted when employees drag out an…

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Welcome to My Date Talk

Single Girl Kristi from Bothell is an office assistant at a financial firm. She is petite with blonde and hair blue eyes and enjoys working out. She has apparently had a tough time finding a good guy because when Fitz asks her what she is looking for in a guy she says she wants him…

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George HW Bush of the US Navy

How do you measure a man? In America in 1942, the measurement certainly started at joining the service. George Herbert Walker Bush was a very young man in December 1941 when the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor thrust America into World War II. He was just 18 years old, and still in his Senior…

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Fitz in the Morning Episode #155 Friday 11/22/19

It’s Bull-Yah Day! What Are You Kidding Me!?: man busted for DUI claims breath smelled from making out with drunk girlfriend; woman calls 911 wanting police ride to make her train; newest Tik Tok trend - Xmas Xplosion where people throw ornaments into undecorated rooms; Xmas trees expensive due to nationwide droughts and floods. Ticket…

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