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Let’s face it; the end of the 2018 season left the Seahawks with a lot of question marks. Were we going to have enough cap money? Could we lock up Russell Wilson long-term? Who’s gonna be our kicker? (hint: it was absolutely NOT going to be Sebastion Janikowski!) And most importantly, how were we going to fill in the gaping …

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Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘ME’ Dropped Today!

Taylor Swift has been teasing this date for about thirteen days, strange enough thirteen is her lucky number! It turned out to be pretty lucky for all of us! Taylor took us for a wild ride on her Instagram posting very vibrant pastel colors. We had no idea we were actually getting still shots for her new music video ‘ME’. …

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[Pics] Kane Brown Finally Get His Wedding Photos

Kane Brown married his wife, Katelyn Jae, back in October but just got their wedding photos today, about 6 months after their wedding! Seems a little long here in the digital age, either way, he took to Instagram to share another cute photo of the couple. Check it out!

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Avengers: Endgame Is Going To The Bank This Weekend

Avengers:Endgame is the 22nd Film in the Marvel Movie Universe. It’s been a decade in the making for this movie, Marvel was one of the first studios to build a connected universe of movies. There’s always sequels sure but 21 movies in a row all connected to one another? It was unheard of.   That changed in 2010 when they …

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