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WATCH: Rock Paper Scissors to Change Lanes!!?!?

Whenever I’m driving everyone wants to play a different game with me. It’s the “You’re number one buddy!” game. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly as interactive, and they never look very happy. 😉


This year will be my FIRST year and I’m SO SO SO excited. This week, on the air, I’ve been asking for tips for Watershed. I’m going to start a list here and keep adding to it each day.

Do Your Pets Live Better Than You?

Claire is still waiting on the moving truck to arrive with all of her furniture and housewares.  She doesn’t want to spend money on any new stuff.  But she apparently spares no expense for her dogs and cats. Claire’s Dogs’ New Bed Claire’s Bed, Which t …

Seth Chat’s With Eli Young Band Who is Eli Young?  If you LOVE the band… you know that’s a trick question. The four guys from the Eli Young band met in college at the University of North Texas.  At one point th …