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Wednesday Post Show (6-23-21)

Bobby talks about working at the Opry last night with Reba. Bobby recommends going on a Tuesday night to see the bigger artists. Bobby also talks about seeing Carly Pearce…

Tuesday Post Show (06-22-21)

Bobby starts the show by checking in with Eddie who is still walking and going down into a valley. For the first time we hear him sound a little defeated….

Monday Post Show (6-21-21)

Bobby on Chris Harrison getting $9 million dollars after leaving the Bachelor, why experts are saying you shouldn’t let your kids play tackle football and the germiest places on an…

Introducing: Unread

One December evening in 2019, Chris Stedman noticed a new message in his inbox from his friend Alex, sent at exactly 7 p.m. He and Alex hadn’t talked in a while—was Alex writing to…

Friday Post Show (6-18-21)

Bobby talks about Jessie James Decker being in Greece for vacation for a month. We also check in with Eddie for the last time we will see him before he…